Double Double Project is a nomadic artist collective of seven that have been working collaboratively together on autonomously curated shows since 2018. The collective’s core members, Perry Burlingame, Eric D. Charlton, Cait Finley, Rebecca Forstater, Jack Honeysett, Amanda Struver, and Jeremy Tarr are an international group of interdisciplinary artists that come together bi-annually to show their diverse work together. Each show uses one of their practices as a centerpiece for the other artists to respond as the catalyst for critical conversation.

‘Neaderthal Clickbait’

Monte Vista Projects - Los Angeles, CA.

8 June - 23 June 2019

Neanderthal Clickbait is the second in a series of seven shows in which one member’s practice becomes the nexus point for critical conversation. At Monte Vista Projects, the collective responds to the works and ideas of Cait Finley, whose musings on an unknown future have led to an exploration of the cave as an analogy for inner-space. 


Das Gift - Berlin, Germany

1 Feb. - 3 Feb. 2019

In their first exhibition together in Berlin, DESTINY USA, the core collective of seven responds to questions based around Eric D. Charlton’s artistic practice, whose work explores the desire for meaning and the lack of human understanding on a cosmic scaled to the minutiae of the everyday.